Do I need a referral letter?


Some insurance companies need a GP referral before you can see us. However this needs to be clarified with your individual company. Some insurers also accept direct physio referrals. If you do not have a NHS GP and a GP referral is required to activate your policy then a referral can be completed by a private GP.

Insured Patients


Toby is recognised by most insurers including AXA, BUPA, BUPA International, PPP, PRUH, Vitality health, Simply Health, Healix, CIGNA, AVIVA and WPA. 

If you have a different insurer and wish to see us please contact us and we can try to facilitate this. If you do not have insurance and wish to pay directly please contact us by telephone or email and we will provide you with further information. 

T- 0203 950 0902 

Self pay patients


The Chelsea Shoulder Clinic can provide a clear fee structure for self-funding customers. Please contact us by telephone or email and we will provide you with further information. 

T- 0203 950 0902 

What happens if I need an operation?


During your consultation the details related to your treatment options will be discussed with you. Whilst a large proportion of the conditions do not need surgical treatment, if surgery is necessary, the procedure involved and the potential risks and the post operative rehabilitation will be discussed with you in detail. The admission team will be in touch with you with specific details about your hospital admission and other relevant information about your day of surgery. If you have any questions prior to the surgery please contact the team directly by phone or email. 

T- 0203 950 0902 

What happens on the day of surgery?


On the day of your surgery you will be asked to arrive several hours before the procedure. You would have been informed if you are having your procedure under local anaesthetic or general anaesthesia. You will be seen by your consultant and the anaesthetic team prior to your procedure. This is to ensure you have given informed consent for the procedure and also to answer any other outstanding queries that you may have.

If you are having a general anaesthetic you need to be ‘Nil by Mouth’ for at least 6 hours before the procedure. You can bring some suggested items for more comfort. After a general anaesthesia it is essential that you are picked up by someone to take you home (after day case procedures).

Your consultant will see you after your surgery and will discuss your follow-up and rehabilitation programme. If you require physiotherapy we will arrange this for you in one of the physiotherapy practices locally that we work closely with.

Can I post feedback?


We aim to listen to our patients and we would be grateful for any feedback you may have. Please provide your feedback and any testimonials via the central email address. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can regarding any raised concerns. 

T- 0203 950 0902